Design and analysis of Trimaran feeder ships as a connector for small islands in the Maluku

Abstract. Maluku waters have limited seas, which are still categorized as calm seas because the wave height is about 1.0 meter. The existence of feeder ships for transportation services from and to areas that are still considered remote, outermost and border will behave more smoothly in operation. The selection of threebody vessel (Trimaran) has the advantage of having a large deck area so that it can function as a feeder between small islands effectively and efficiently. This paper focuses on analysing resistance and seakeeping of Trimaran vessel for limited seas using CFD techniques with variations in transverse distance S/L = 0.2, 0.3, 0.4, 0.5 and at a speed designated by the Froude number Fr = 0.21. The results of numerical analysis show that at S/L = 0.4 the vessel has very good characteristics in resistance and seakeeping. Therefore, results of the calculation can be adopted as preliminary data for the preliminary design.

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